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PM Narendra Modi Trailer: “Modi’s remarkable determination, patience, devotedness to his people”

The Trailer for PM Narendra Modi Movie has arrived yesterday and despite people were busy celebrating the festival of colors Holi, total views on Youtube has crossed 10 million views in less than a complete day.

Vivek Oberoi has played the role of our prime minister Narendra Modi, Barkha Sengupta has acted for PM Modi’s wife Josodaben, Rajendra Gupta has acted for PM Modi’s father Damodardas Mulchand Modi and for her mother Heeraben Modi has been acted by Zarina Wahab.

The Trailer showcases Narendra Modi’s remarkable determination, perspicacity, patience, devotedness to his people, his wisdom as a governmental strategist, his leadership that motivated a thousand social changes in Gujarat and later India.

The trailer has hinted that in the movie there will be the draw of his childhood in the 1950s to his swift rise in the hallways of politics.

A political movie has to be controversial if it’s not the fictional character and that’s something I am not saying. That has always used to happen in any political movie. Back to back when movies are coming in which it has shown the dark side of Congress Party and their leader.

A few months back when a biopic movie of Manmohan Singh was released, it was gathered a lot of controversies and now with this movie, it seems even more controversy will rise before and after the release of this movie.

Bhartiya Janta Party says on this, the filmmakers are doing their own jobs, they’re showing the truth and BJP has nothing to do anything with that. But Congress is blaming BJP and RSS for doing sponsorship to these movies which polarize the people on fake agenda.

The opposition questions why these movies are coming before the mega election and filmmaker says because they want to gather more people to their movies and we can’t censure filmmaker, a movie National interest use to release on Republic day and Independence day then a political movie can be released before the political festival.

This trailer has been uploaded by T-series on youtube. Only a few days back, T-Series has become the most subscribed youtube channel on the youtube. This trailer is trending on #1.

This movie will hit the screen on 5th April and this movie will come in 3 languages… Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. This movie has got the direction of Omung Kumar.

Check out the trailer for this movie:

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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