Pulwama Attack: China expressed their fake sympathy

To fight outside you need to strong inside. People like Navjot Singh Sidhu who says Pakistan has no involvement in Pulwama Attack, no doubt why bigots chant “Pakistan Zindabad” in his gathering.

A day before yesterday Congress did little politics but Congress mapped the mood of Nation and yesterday Rahul Gandhi said he is with the government but the thing is a politician like Sidhu who do not follows the same Para of the party then why party enduring him that’s maybe because that is also party’s words which comes out from Sidhu’s mouth.

Most of our friends’ country sent their condolence on the same day but China took more than a day, that may have done because of formality. China expressed their fake sympathy but China is not interested in declaring of global terrorist to Jaish e Mohammad’s head “Masud Azhar”. China says they are against any terrorism and its China’s stereotyped words.

Spokesperson of China’s government, he says they are saddened to know about Pulwama Attack but when it was asked from them that whether they will declare Masud Azhar to global terrorist, they said China will not do so. This shows China’s two colors.

To prove brotherhood to Pakistan, China has always betrayed to India. Where whole India is trying to lump together to all nation to fight against terrorism, China and Pakistan like countries come forward to provide safe-heaven to the terrorist.

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