Reservation Bill for General Caste is passed in Bihar

A few days back when Bharatiya Janta Party announced reservation for General caste. Many supported and hated. Some questioned the intention of BJP and Modi. Some loved to get the reservation and oppositions including with few people of some other also uproared that their part of reservation has given to General Caste.
Reservation Bill for General Caste has passed in Bihar. Nitish Kumar said: With few amendments, Bill has been passed and it will be beneficial for poor people of general caste.

RJD’s head Tejaswi Yadav showed his objection and tried to create a storm in against of this bill. An interesting thing is National Congress shows support to this bill but in Bihar’s Legislative Assembly congress joined with RJD and shows his objection too.

Now, this is a masterstroke from BJP or a mistake which made sad to some people… we will get to know that at the result day only.

Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi said: “People has shown the real face of RJD and Congress”

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