Saudi Prince Owns Painting Which Costing More Than Salman Khan’s Net Worth

A while back, cricketer Hardik Pandya was seen sporting a Louis Vuitton shirt worth 1 lakh! But if you thought that was excessive, this will boggle your mind… Leonardo Da Vinci’s $450 million ‘Salvator Mundi’ whereabouts have been a mystery ever since it sold for a whopping amount of $450 million (£350m)in 2017. Reportedly the painting has surfaced and is at present aboard a superyacht belonging to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and it is over Salman Khan’s net worth ($310 million according to the source).

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The Guardian reports that Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has displayed the world’s costliest painting ‘Salvator Mundi’ on his yacht, the ‘Serene’. The painting is valued at $450 million (Rs. 3121 crores) and the yacht is worth $560 million (Rs. 3932 crores).

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Salvator Mundi translates to Saviour of the World in Latin. It showcases Jesus with his right hand raised in blessing and holding an orb in his left hand. Some art experts claim it was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci while others say it was an artwork by his assistant.

While the high seas may not be the best place for a fragile Renaissance painting, it is not uncommon for the super-wealthy to decorate their yachts with trophy art. Joe Lewis hung Francis Bacon’s “Triptych 1974 – 1977,” worth an estimated $70 million, on the lower deck of his yacht, the Aviva.

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In 2017, Christie’s auction house in NY sold it to an unnamed member of the Saudi royal family to be installed in the Abu Dhabi Louvre. But the painting went missing since then and has now been spotted on the yacht. Looks like this was the reason that the scheduled 18 September 2018 unveiling of the painting was postponed by the gallery last year.

Money can manage almost anything anywhere!

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