Saudi’s Prince gets a ceremonial welcome, hopes for improved relation with India.

India and Saudi Arabia have a relationship of culture, economic and social for the many decades. It has always been important. Some parts of India have high migration to Saudi Arabia. Some go for laboring and some for high income. Today Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman has come to India.

Saudi Arabia is almost a neighbor country of India which has always played a big role in Energy (Petroleum). In 2016, PM Narendra Modi was gone to Saudi Arabia and did a huge deal for Oil and Petroleum.

Mohammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, and his deligation was given ceremonial welcome by the prime minister and president. The prince said he hopes for improved relations.

PM Modi has welcomed Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammad bin Salman for investing their money in infrastructure.

Some are not happy with Mohammad bin Salman because he pays his first arrived at Pakistan and also given 20 billion dollar of loan to them. After the Pulwama attack, tension between India and Pakistan has grown and when India is trying to isolate Pakistan from other friend country and then just after the attack Saudi’s prince to Pakistan and help them with such a huge amount of loan. Can’t be disagree to them but this is just how a country works. Here, a friend of our enemy is not our enemy.


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