Seven People Dead After A Canadian Plane Crash

A Texas pilot, his wife, and three children – along with a Canadian couple – died when their plane crashed in Ontario this week, according to a new report. The plane crashed in a wooded area on the north shore of Lake Ontario in eastern Canada Wednesday evening and killed seven people in the north of Kingston.

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According to a report in the New York Times, the tragic mishap took place on Wednesday evening and the cause of the plane crash is not yet clear. The remains of the plane were found in a wooded area more than 3 miles north of Kingston, which is between Toronto and Montreal and near the border with America.

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It is known that the US-registered single-engine Piper PA-32 plane was traveling from Toronto’s Buttonville Airport to Kingston, Ontario when it went missing at around 5 pm local time (2200 GMT).

Transportation Safety Board spokesman Alexandre Fournier told AFP told, all seven people who were on board including the pilot died in the plane crash. The occupants in the area also said that there were heavy rain and strong winds around the time of the crash.

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Ken Webster, an investigator who is currently leading the investigation, said at a news conference on Thursday. “We will obtain detailed weather information as the investigation proceeds.”

Webster also said the crash was very steep, he also said all parts of the airplane were located at the crash site, but the plane was completely destroyed. Further, he said that this type of plane does not have a “black box,” which is usually required for larger planes, but there are other electronic devices that might have been able to record events before the crash.

TSB investigators began examining the site Thursday to assess the cause of the crash. “It’s difficult to say how long it will be before the wreckage is removed,” said TBS spokesman Chris Krepski. “We need to take the time necessary to document and examine the aircraft. That will give us some ideas of how the aircraft collided with terrain.”

TSB said it was surveying the cockpit and examining the cabin and seat arrangements of the Cherokee Six aircraft as well as conducting interviews with airport staff, witnesses and first responders.

The identities of the victims who died in the plane crash are not yet disclosed.

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