Sidhu said: Terrorist has no Nation.

Navjot Singh Sidhu said: “Terrorism has no religion, no caste, and no religion”
He took the side of Pakistan and said a nation has nothing to do with Terrorism. He said: “A dialogue should continue to encounter and end these kinds of attacks”
When the nation is rage and want BADLA, he talks about killing in favor is no solution. When the whole world is taking part of India and saying Pakistan should stop providing soft-heaven to the terrorist. US, France, Russia, Bhutan is taking part in India and Pakistan Tension.

But our own beloved Sidhu is saying, we should end this with dialogue and terrorism has nothing to do with nation, indirectly he wanted to save Pakistan.

A big step is taken by India that “Most Favor Nation” of title has been taken from Pakistan.

Rahul Gandhi said referencing to Pulwama Attack.

White House ask Pakistan to stop favoring Terrorism