SRK Congratulated His Fan, A Young Indonesian Actor

Shahrukh Khan to be true is an underdog. In an industry that runs on nepotism, the world saw a common man carve a niche for himself and solely on his merits. He reflects the ambition of a commoner who wants to make it big and surpass the limits that hold him back. 

SRK is the image that has changed the definition of stardom, he became a star from being the part of the crowd. He is one among us and today he is ruling the industry. We common people want to be at the helm of power and affairs, but mostly, we fail to achieve it. When someone from our ranks achieves it, that person is automatically loved by all.

But hey, he is not just loved by Indians, he has more fans out of the country also. Talking about a recent incident on twitter made this dream desirable for a young Indonesian actor, Muhammad Khan.

Muhammad Khad won the Piala Citra award for the best actor in a front role and in his receiving speech, the rookie dedicated his award to Shah Rukh Khan, his idol and motivation.

Muhammad Khan said in his speech, “I hope you gonna watch this video” and then gave a message in Hindi and said, “I hope I am gonna meet you one day.”

Signing off the speech, he sang SRK’s song for SRK, “Mere mehbub mere sanam, shukriya meherbaani karam”.

Fans helped to get SRK’s attention and he praised the young actor on twitter and said they will meet soon.

This is admittedly the true influence of social media.

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