Read These Twitter Reviews First Before You Plan To Watch ‘Super 30’ This Weekend!

There is a lot else that is really amusing about Super 30. Like the blue-blooded Roshan, like Kumar, talking of bringing down the hegemony of the privileged. Harping on how king’s son won’t be the king; the one who truly deserves the crown will claim it. Rather than taking it with any modicum of seriousness I could almost hear Kangana Ranaut spouting Bollywood’s much-reviled N word – i.e. nepotism- through Roshan/Kumar. That’s because the film itself remains a feel-good, facile, protracted and eminently boring look at class dynamics while barely touching upon the accompanying caste conundrums.

The protagonist of Super 30, a Patna math whiz who makes complex concepts fun and accessible for impoverished IIT aspirants under his tutelage, is himself a socially and economically disadvantaged man who fought off prejudice and privation to achieve enviable academic success and turn around the fortunes of many others like him. The story of the real-life Anand Kumar should have added up to a commensurate cinematic triumph. It does not. Super 30 is overly simplistic and excessively fanciful when it is not downright vapid.

With the movie hitting theatres across the country today, the verdict is in. People loved the fact a common man’s story was portrayed on the silver screen. In addition, the story shone a light on the expensive coaching culture prevalent in India.

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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