TATA MOTORS is in largest quarterly loss.

Just a day before after representing a quarter result, shares of Tata Motors has got a huge fall down. On Friday, after market opening, the company got 22% slash in there share. Tata Motors has a loss of 27,000 crores that happens because of Jaguar and landrover, JLR unit. As of today, the opening of the market has got a loss of 11,840 crores in market cap.

Before announcing the quarter result, On Friday the company had Rs.142.90 per share i.e, Rs.52,700 crores. And after announcing the results, the company has Rs. 141.90 per share i.e and market cap have slashed to Rs.40,985. That means shareholders have lost 11,842 Crores in just one flick.

In the third quarter, the company’s loss has 26,993 crores. Same quarter of last year, the company had 1773 crores of benefit. The company has such a huge loss because of its luxury car department is doing well. Sales of Jaguar and Landrover has slashed with a huge margin. One thing should be noted, JLR has 72% of participation in the company. And JLR has booked a loss of 20% in operating profit. The whole year was a nightmare for JLR, very less demand in China, BREXIT and fewer demands of Diesel cars and one factory got clossed. These were the main reason why this company faced such a huge loss. 

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