The formula of seat sharing in Mahagathbandhan?

Bihar has always played a very important and interesting role in Politics. Bihar has always produced many large faces of Politicians. Despite Bihar counts in extreme poverty state but now things are changing Bihar has given the highest GDP growth in 2018 and this is really remarkable.

Now, Election for Member of Parliament has come now and every politician is busy in promoting of themselves and their party. Bharatiya Janta Party, LJP and JDU have already decided for the seats and BJP has 17, JDU will fight at 17 seats and LJP will fight the election at 6 seats. These three had a simple equation. But Mahagathbandhan has little hard equations for the MP seats that’s why it is still not decided who will get how much.

In Mahagathbandhan, ally parties are asking more seats which may cause RJD to a smaller party than others. and an old leader from RJD said if we accept their proposal then we will have only one job left to do advertising. In 2014, RJD was given 27 seats, 12 seats were given to Congress and National Congress Party was battle at one seat.

But this time Congress is little more excited, they have won the majority in three state’s election. A leader of Congress is demanding for 15-20 seats in this election. Jitan Ram Manjhi’s Hindustani Awam Morcha party has asked seats no less than Congress but later on, they said they want equal to Rashtriya Lok Samta Party.

Rashtriya Lok Samta Party has said they had 2 seats when they were in NDA and this time, this party is expecting about to 5.

If we calculate the seats 5 for RLSP, 5 HUM, 15 Congress, this became 25, VIP party is also looking forward to 3-4 seats, Sharad Yadav will also fight and Pappu Yadav is also planning to join the Mahagathbandhan and rest how much seats will go to RJD, this is not possible to guess. Due to hard rationalization, Rashtriya Janata Dal has not given any statement of seats.

Leaders of RJD has asked some member of another party to fight with Lalten Tag. Actually, Rashtriya Janata Dal is afraid smaller party may change their alliance after the election. This all depend of Lalu Prashad Yadav and Tejaswi Yadav that which party will get how much seats?

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

He studied software engineering but wanted to be a writer since born. So, he followed his passion and ended up being a reporter for PoopBite. He has a very deep-seated interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. He is also a passionate photographer.

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