These 25 Photos Of Nature Can Truly Surprise, It’s Too Weird For Us To Handle

The world is an amazing place, full of incredible natural phenomena and creatures that showcase the sheer diversity of the land we inhabit. While the vast majority of these natural wonders are astounding to observe, some are also entirely unpredictable and terrifying in equal measures. Now that everyone has a hi-depth-quality camera on them at all times, it has become incredibly easy to capture these noteworthy moments in nature.

We at PoopBite love nature’s power and its ability to create bombshells. See these 25 photos of Nature that’ll leave you amazed:

1. Nature can even paint a lotus flower black

Image: iasmiPuppyPoster / imgur

2. Tennis balls made by nature

Image: deepcow / reddit

3. This lemon prefers to stand out in a crowd

Image: simencioo / reddit

4. This palm can walk away

Image: mahlerific / reddit

5. Lava dying in the ocean

Lava Tube Sunset

6. A tomato giving birth to new seeds

Image: 420BlazeItBushDid911 / reddit

7. Earth and star coming together as one

Image: plwplw / reddit

8. Double banana for more potassium

Image: myredserenity / reddit

9. Sunflower is confused!

Image: san_disco / reddit

10. A bouquet from such flowers must be the tastiest

Image: _just_my_2_cents / reddit

11. This fish has absorbed all the azure of the sea.

Image: rurlygonnasaythat / reddit

12. “This cocoon has stitched the fabric of my outdoor lounge together for protection.”

Image: biglanga / reddit

13. Oyster dinner with a surprise tiny pearl

Image: haflingtits / reddit

14. Beauty burning everything in its path

Jungle River of Fire

15. A whole bouquet in 1 flower

Image: ZaLeeT / reddit

16. Lake Baikal

Image: moniso / reddit

17. This lizard knows what it means to be different.

Image: BlueWhiskeyDrinker / reddit

18. Big banana for a big company

Image: clit_or_us / reddit

19. Marge Simpson has never been so natural.

Image: APairOfBrownEyes / imgur

20. Mini moon from sea glass

Image: EntropySpacex / reddit

21. “Only the leaf skeleton remains.”

Image: Moxon88 / imgur

22. A baby orange in a big one

Image: _Ineption / reddit

23. The highly reflective surfaces of the Bolivian salt flats

Image: Source

24. The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree, Hawaii

Image: Source

25. The lake of love – Lake Hillier, Australia.

Image: Source

Which of these left you more surprised?

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