This Anganwadi In Madhya Pradesh Cooked In Toilet And Serves Meals To Children

There’s a famous saying, “If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” But what when a toilet is used as a kitchen?

Yes! A toilet in Madhya Pradesh is being used for reasons beyond its intended purpose. In the complete departure of hygienic norms, the toilet in Shivpuri district’s rural childcare center has been converted into a full-fledged kitchen.

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In Karera, due to lack of space to prepare food for children at an Anganwadi center, its toilet is being used as a makeshift kitchen.

The report of News18 says that a staff member named Rajkumari Yogi revealed that the meals cooked there are served to children regularly. She further added that they had to resort to this extreme step due to space constraints and the lack of help from the higher authorities where the issue has been raised repeatedly but to no avail.

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When the question was raised on hygiene, Project Officer of Women and Child Development Department, Priyanka Bunkar said that construction of the toilet is not complete and it was being used as a kitchen as there was no other water supply point.

Previously, toilets have been used as a grocery store and kitchen. There are no excuses which can cover this mistake, a toilet is no place to cook food, especially one that is meant to fulfill the nutritive requirements of young children.

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