U.K General Election 2019: What To Expect?

On Thursday voters in the UK will head to the polls for another general election. This is the country’s third in less than five years but this one’s a pretty huge deal considering a could shape the UK’s future and how it’s divorced from the European Union will play out.

Voting centers will open their doors at 7:00 a.m. local time and close at 10:00 p.m. British citizens or citizens of the Commonwealth of Ireland who are over the age of 18 and live in Britain can participate as long as they registered to vote by the November 26th deadline.

British union jack flag and Big Ben Clock Tower and Parliament house at city of Westminster in the background – UK votes to leave the EU, Brexit concept

Voters will choose a candidate to represent their local district in Parliament’s House of Commons which decides the UK’s laws and policies.

A total of 650 of these lawmakers will be elected one for each district. Britain’s biggest political parties are the conservative and Labour Party’s but multiple other parties have candidates in the race including the Liberal Democrats party, the Green Party and the Brexit party.

If one of those parties ends up with more than half of the parliamentary seats that party will usually form the government and its leader will become the prime minister.

According to recent polls, current prime minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party appears to be headed for victory over Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

The so-called Tories need another 28 seats in the House of Commons to secure a majority and many analysts are predicting they’ll get them.

But after years of post-Brexit turmoil, an unexpected result wouldn’t be shocking.

After all the 2016 Brexit referendum and the 2017 general election both turned out to be surprised us. The results of this year’s election should be in by Friday morning.

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