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Video of Tiger Chasing Biker in Kerala Goes Viral, Twitter Sees Humor in It!

‘Tiger is really… really dangerous’, not the first one to tell that. And one need not cross the tiger zone or without any preparation. According to sources, two forest officials were patrolling the area on a bike along the highway inside the sanctuary after they had been reported that a tiger had been spotted. One of the officials was taking a video of the area when suddenly he spotted a tiger coming out of the woods and starts chasing them. However, it was only for a few seconds until the tiger ran off to the other side of the jungle. A video of the bone-melting incident has been posted by the Forests and Wildlife Protection Society.

In the video went viral and people started talking about how dangerous the incident was, Prerna Singh Bindra, who is an environmental journalist and the author of The Vanishing: India’s Wildlife Crisis, pointed out that the tiger didn’t mean to attack and that it was a mere ‘mock charge’ which animals tend to do when they fear the presence of an infiltrator within their territory.

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Shortly after the video was posted, it went viral, with netizens posting their comments on it – some with concern, and others who saw funny in it. A user wrote, “Woow forest officers went to spot a tiger on the bike as if that tiger is their best friend and that tiger has no claws and teeth……such intelligent forest officers….hats off to them….,” while another posted, “Why has this bike entered Muthanga Wildlife

A third user joked, ” Oh ho just stop and pet the kitty. It just wants to show some love,” while one informed, “The person who captured this footage is a forest officer named Kelu from Wayanad Forest Division. They were on the mission to search and spot the reality about the news of a tiger roaming around the Muthanga forest premises. Luckily the same tiger spotted them.”

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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