Vivek Oberoi Gets Slammed By Netizens For His Tweet On India’s Loss Against New Zealand

Vivek Anand Oberoi took a lot of heat recently for a social media post. He often gets into trouble and he has once again got slammed by netizens. The actor recently posted of GIF about India versus New Zealand match that India lost, naturally a lot of people were upset by it.

Vivek posted a GIF in which a lady is seen walking towards the short man and hug another man standing behind him it was a sarcastic tweet about the semi-finals in which India got defeated.

“This is what happened to Indian fans in the World Cup semi finals! World Cup semi final. India Vs New Zealand,” Vivek tweeted his GIF, in context to India’s defeat in the World Cup 2019.

People went on to troll him. See how people reacted!

There were also few who came in support of Vivek Oberoi:

Written by Ashutosh Kumar

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