White House ask Pakistan to stop favoring Terrorism

The White House asks Pakistan to stop favoring Terrorism. Favortism to terrorist will get Pakistan in a big problem. They said Pakistan to stop supporting spread terror in the region.

White House Press, Secretary Sarah Sanders said in late night statement on February 14 “The United States calls on Pakistan to end immediately the support and safe haven provided to all terrorist groups operating on its soil, whose only goal is to sow chaos, violence, and terror in the region of India,”

The White House has shown their anger against the terror attack in Pulwama and said this will more strengthen the bond between India and Pakistan to fight against terrorism.

She also said in a very strongly-worded delineation issued by the White House, “This attack only strengthens our resolve to bolster counterterrorism cooperation and coordination between the United States and India,”

Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickremasinghe described it as the worst terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir since 1989. Russia and France have also condemned this terror attack. Foreign Ministers of Maldives and Bhutan expressed solidarity with the Modi government about this attack. Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina has elaborate supports to India to fight terror jointly after the Pulwama attack. 

A former National Security Council official in the trailing term of Obama administration, Anish Goel said: “By claiming such quick credit for the attack, Jaish-e-Mohammed is clearly indicating that they will continue to cause trouble in the region and stoke exertion between India and Pakistan”

This is true I think, taking credit so quick is like they have not to fear of comeback result maybe because India Army had not the open hand but today PM Narendra Modi has given tota freedom to India Amry.

Today meeting in Cabinet Committee on Security CSS was held, Nirmala Sitaram and Arun Jaitley were joined in the meeting. Jately said CSS inside paid 2 minutes silence for those martyred CRPF Personnel. He said: All possible steps will be taken to cast aside Pakistan from every our friend Nation.”

The title for Most favor nation has been taken from Pakistan. Jaitely said.

Major General (Retired)  GD Bakshi said: “They’re getting support from Pakistani Amry and terror will not stop until we don’t a proper action against it”

Sidhu said: Terrorist has no Nation.

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