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YouTuber Kisses His Sister And Later His Mother In Going Viral Video, Internet Is Freaking Out!

Youtube is all about a fame-game. There’re loads of crap in the world and Youtube is a new platform for the world to represent. YouTube is crammed full of people with videos. There are information, celebrity interviews, how to do, movie trailers, Bollywood songs, cooking tutorials, hacks, comedy clips and much more. The platform is also not a newcomer to unique content. By unique, we really mean ghastly, spooky and sometimes disturbing also.

Talking about one recent story of Youtube, Chris Monroe, a Youtuber uploaded a kissing prank video on his channel ‘PrankInvasion’ last month. The ghastly part was that he literally kissed his half-sister saying doing for Youtube.

Obviously! The motto was done to get viral, it can be seen that he begins the task to go ‘viral’, which he ultimately did… It has over 7.5 million views at the time of writing the story.

But the comments section is filled with sneaked out netizens. See here,

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The series of ghastly jobs don’t end over there, the popularity of video has now encouraged him to take the weirdness to a completely new level. Latterly, he played the same prank but with his mother!

At the end of this one, he declares that the “next video gets even crazier”. Some netizens are completely grossed out while others are trying to find the humor in the situation by guessing who might be next, the dog and his dad are the top two contenders.

Here are the best reactions to this prank video.

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We still believe he is just carrying the relation, not carrying actual Sister & Mother! I mean how can someone do such ghastly things!

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